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Our trackers exemplify our data-driven approach to monitoring the People's Liberation Army. They provide aggregated, organized, and visualized open-source data on key regional developments.

Taiwan ADIZ.png

Taiwan ADIZ Violations

Open-source data from Taiwan's Ministry of National Defense on nearly 5,000 flights by PLA aircraft around Taiwan.


PLA Activity Around Japan

Over ten years of data on PLA aircraft and naval vessel movements released by the Japanese Ministry of Defense.

Japan MoD.png
Taiwan Arms Sales.png

Taiwan Arms Sales

Information on U.S. arms sales to Taiwan going back to the Obama administration.

Naval Activity in East Asia

Monitoring Freedom of Navigation Operations, partner capacity-building exercises, and presence operations by the U.S. and its allies and partners in East Asia.

Naval Activity.png
Orbital Launches.png

PRC Orbital Launches

Weekly, monthly, and yearly totals of Chinese orbital launches going back to 2013.

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